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Clinical Psychologists have scientifically studied the human mind and behaviour. Using scientific research they consider what it says about the possible cause of a problem and this will then inform the therapeutic approach that they use. 

In general Clinical Psychologists tend to work with more complex difficulties and through the use of psychological formulation, suggest an appropriate therapy. They are trained to work with a broad range of client groups, alongside a medical team.

At a first appointment, a clinical psychologist will undertake a thorough assessment of their client to formulate their psychological problems before recommending a therapy programme. The programme will vary depending on the condition and the complexity of the problem. It may include therapies such as:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT helps clients to challenge negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It is most commonly used as a treatment for anxiety disorders and mild to moderate depression and is a type of talking therapy. It seeks to challenge negative beliefs and replace them with alternative ones, aid with problem solving and develop coping skills. CBT has also been used successfully with more complex difficulties and can be recommended by psychiatrists.

Supportive Psychotherapy

This therapy uses a supportive psychotherapeutic relationship to clarify and understand underlying problems. After establishing these, it is possible to further explore the issues and distinguish between different kinds of affective experiences. Sometimes this approach leads onto a more structured approach if specific themes are identified.

Solution Focussed Therapy

As the name suggests, this short-term therapy concentrates on finding solutions to a problem rather than seeking to find the cause. The resourceful client, who understands themselves the best, is encouraged to find their own solutions by the therapist. Change is seen as central to the therapy and there is an emphasis on realistic future aims.

Dr Kate Robinson offers Clinical Psychology at

Simply Osteo Clinic in South Croydon every Monday 8am-2pm