Reiki Practitioner


Qualified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Theta Healing Practitioner

"Hi my name is Kelly and this is a program of self development that I have created to help release the beliefs that have been preventing you from reaching your highest potential in life. The package that I have developed will allow you to take the path of emotional healing, spiritual awakening forgiveness and most importantly self-love which will then enable you to heal and let go of your past and embrace the blessings that will come in the future".


-Clears, centres and aligns your chakras

-Improves sleep pattern

-Helps you to feel more grounded and connected with who you are.

-Eases and removes pain from within the body

-Increases energy levels and balances hormones.

-Promotes you to live a healthier lifestyle

-An amazing coping mechanism to deal with the everyday stresses in the work environment

Reiki Healing is where a practitioner places their hands and channels energy into your body to help heal you from physical and emotional pain. Reiki also helps you to relax and put your mind at ease, which will help to reduce stress and anxiety levels promoting peace and harmony in your life.


-Attracting your soulmate

-Improving your wealth consciousness

-Releasing you from the emotional, physical and mental traumas

-Improving your overall health by increasing your energy levels and balancing your hormones

-Releasing the negative beliefs and transforming them into positive downloads

-Free yourself from ancestral trauma and patterns that you may have inherited

-Manifesting abundance and improving your money mindset

During a energy clearing session, I would firstly use muscle testing to see if you carry certain beliefs. I will then go into the theta brainwave and do a body scan to see why your subconscious mind is holding on to these limiting beliefs and how it is serving you. With your permission I will then remove the blocks and replace the limiting beliefs with positive downloads that will enable you to create the life you desire.

Kelly currently works at Simply Osteo Clinic on Mondays (8am-2pm)

To book an appointment, please contact Kelly

directly on 07534430 289 or [email protected]

If you would like any more information or to arrange your Sports Therapy appointment please contact Jack on;

07939 687 065

[email protected]